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freds storyFred was 79 and had been nursing his wife at home on the Gold Coast for 3 years, when she sadly passed away in January 2007.

His wife had suffered from blindness, diabetes and alzheimers disease and had consumed most of Freds’ energy and attention. When his wife died, Fred felt shattered and very much alone. Besides the huge gap her death created in his life, he had no friends that lived close by and all his immediate family lived in other states.

Fred engaged the services of 7Seas to assist with the payment of his Bills and maintenance of his home, and appointed 7Seas as an Enduring Power of Attorney.

After 6 months, Fred came to realise that his health had further deteriorated and was having trouble coping, even in his own home. 7Seas assisted Fred to move interstate and live with his brother temporarily before applying for respite in a Nursing Home. As Fred had no children and his brother was older than himself, his desperate need for an appropriate solution led to being offered a permanent room in a low-care dementia facility.

7Seas has maintained Fred’s home, Investments and continued to pay all Bills and liaised with Fred’s accountant who was based in Sydney due to his previous business dealings.

Sadly, Fred has since passed away and all proceedings have been managed by Dale Price from 7Seas, who was appointed as a Joint Executor, along with his elderly brother. Freds’ burial wishes on the Gold Coast (where he was reunited with his wife) were completed after a funeral service in his home town. Freds’ house has been sold as per his instructions and 7Seas handled everything from start to finish.

If you are, or you know someone in a similar position to Fred and you don’t have the time, experience and resources to manage the affairs, take the burden off your shoulders and give 7Seas Estate Administration a call.

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