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June 16, 2009

I approached Dale to seek his advice on completing an Enduring Power of Attorney and the contents of my Will, to ensure my family are provided for and aren’t affected by any unnecessary burdens should my health and mind deteriorate. Dale’s honesty and genuine care puts one’s mind at rest and I have no hesitation in engaging in Dale’s services at any time in the future.

Bill L

My two brothers and I were appointed Joint Executors to our mother’s Will and she unfortunately passed away recently. We contacted Dale to seek his advice on what we needed to do. Even though my brothers and I do not live close (ie; rural and metro), Dale managed our appointments smoothly and provided solid guidance on the process we needed to follow, as we were required to apply for Probate in the first instance. Being able to administer our mother’s estate ourselves enabled us to save considerable money, which then supported our mother’s wish to maximise the distribution amounts paid to the beneficiaries of her estate.

We then engaged Dale to assist our father in reviewing his Will as our family became concerned about the previous future remuneration arrangements payable to the former appointed Executors, and my two brothers and I are now the appointed Executors.

Tony D

We’re a semi-retired professional couple living in rural Victoria and without children. We met Dale some time ago in a professional capacity and were well aware of his honesty, his talents and expertise.  So, we decided to appoint him as our Enduring Power of Attorney and Executor, as we believe Dale to be very knowledgeable and passionate about aged care. Dale understands the lifestyle we lead, our home environment and he always puts others first. Dale has a gentle manner,  provides real value for money and we have full confidence he will do the right thing to ensure our wishes are maintained,  in a cost-effective and timely manner.

L and L

My wife and I have a grown up family and we don’t quite understand the way our kids live their lives which is quite different to our core values. We have a real concern that our kids are just waiting for us to pass away and receive an inheritance, rather than understand the value of money and our lifestyle wishes. We do not live an lavish lifestyle but we have rewarded ourselves with a few comforts and we have a fear that should we lose our marbles, then we may find ourselves in a  less comfortable environment and our investments prematurely spent if left entirely in the hands of our kids. So, we sought a reputable independent person (which is Dale) to help us organise our affairs and have arrangements in place for our future needs.

Name withheld